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All dental hygiene services are based on individualized treatment planning.  Together you and your RDH will decide on what treatment you require and receive.   You will be educated on the treatment pros and cons, your decisions on the treatment you receive will always be respected!

Dental Hygiene Assessment and Oral Cancer Screening: 

On your first visit at Clean Smile Dental Hygiene Studio you will fill out a comprehensive medical and dental history to ensure nothing in your general medical or dental health would contraindicate dental hygiene treatment.  In some situations, medical clearance must be obtained by your physician or specialist prior to your treatment to protect your general health.  At every subsequent visit your medical and dental histories will be reviewed.

During your dental hygiene assessment you will also have a thorough intra oral and extra oral assessment including a visual and palatable oral cancer screening.  If any abnormalities are found, proper referrals to various medical and dental health professionals will be made so abnormalities can be further assessed and treated if need be.

Customized Oral Hygiene Instruction and Education:

After your dental hygiene assessment a customized treatment plan will be discussed and determined by both the dental hygienist and the client to ensure you individual needs and values are taken into account.  Your treatment plan will include education on various treatments, instructions, risk factors, benefits, counselling; which may include oral cancer awareness, smoking cessation, nutrition based on oral health, etc,.  As well as a customized oral hygiene plan that works with your schedule, values and needs will be developed to help you achieve a healthier mouth and in turn a healthier body!!!

Teeth Cleaning: 

During your professional debridement (cleaning), the hygienist is providing therapy to your gums, to prevent or help treat forms of gum inflammation.  Scaling or debridement is often the term used for the removal of hard deposits (tartar) and soft deposits (plaque or biofilm) off of the surface of the teeth and roots of the teeth.  These deposits contribute to the inflammation of the gum tissues.  To remove these deposits hygienists use a combination of hand instruments and ultrasonic instruments that spray water.

Additional to removing the hard and soft deposits from the teeth, the hygienist removes stain that has formed on the teeth surface.  This stain is removed by using a combination of hand instruments, ultrasonic instruments and often the use of a polishing paste and a rubber cup polisher.  Stain that is embedded within the teeth can often be lightened by professional teeth whitening.  See teeth whitening for more information.


For teeth that are temperature, touch and air sensitive, desensitizing products have been developed to help alleviate those symptoms.  With a small brush, these solutions are applied to the sensitive area of the tooth, which is most often the exposed root of the tooth, and allowed to dry.  Subsequent applications of the desensitizing solution may be needed for a more prolonged effectiveness.  Frequency of application and effectiveness of desensitizing vary from person to person.


Fluoride treatments are delivered on client specific needs, for those that may be high risk for dental caries (cavities) and will be discussed prior to use.  Fluoride is used to help strengthen the enamel and help prevent decay.  The method used at Clean Smile Dental Hygiene studio is fluoride varnish.  The varnish is applied directly to the surface required using a small brush.  Fluoride can also help decrease sensitivities as well.  Alternative cavity reducing products can also be discussed and used if you have any concerns regarding the use of fluoride.


Sealants are a thin coating of material painted onto the chewing surface of the back teeth to help make the surface easier to clean.  The tiny pits and grooves located on the back teeth are often too small for a toothbrush to access, food and germs can get stuck in those pits and grooves and cause cavities.  Sealants are placed in deep pits and grooves of teeth helping to make then smoother and less likely to trap food and germs that will cause decay.  Sealants are most often placed on newly erupted teeth during the childhood years.

Teeth Whitening:

We now offer Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening at Clean Smile Dental Hygiene Studio.  Wicked White is an in office whitening procedure performed by your Registered Dental Hygienist to help create the white and bright smile you are looking for!  Wicked White gels are neutral in ph to create white teeth with little or no temperature sensitivity!!  Ingredients used in Wicked White products are pure with no fillers or additives.  They are kosher and contain no animal by products.  Let us help you create the white smile you are looking for.  Contact the studio to see if you would be a candidate for this amazing tooth whitening procedure!

Custom Sports Mouthguards:

We offer various types of custom sport mouthguards depending on the level of sport the individual is playing.  Please contact us for more information on the different types of custom mouthguards and to determine which type is best for you or your child.

Some key benefits to custom mouthguards are;

  • Best comfort and fit for the individual.
  • Optimal ability to breath and speak during play.
  • Minimize the chance of broken or chipped teeth,
  • Minimize injuries to the soft tissues in the mouth i.e. tongue, cheeks and gums.
  • May reduce the risk of concussions and the long term effects of concussions.
  • Superior protection from traumatic forces that occur during sports activities.

Link for mouthguard fact sheet from the ODHA  —  http://www.odha.on.ca/drupal/system/files/pdf/MouthGuard.pdf

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