Clean Smile Dental Hygiene Studio follows the current Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association (ODHA) fee guide.  The fees for dental hygiene services in the ODHA fee guide are generally 15-30% lower for the same services charged in the current Ontario Dental Association (ODA) fee guide that dental offices use.

If you have dental insurance, almost all insurance companies cover the cost of dental hygiene services provided by independent dental hygienists.  At your request we can help you determine if the fees are covered by your insurance company and the individual plan you have.

Individual client needs vary and our fees are charged for the time it takes to provide quality dental hygiene services for each individual client.

If you are concerned about the cost, contact Stacey for a consultation so we can answer your questions, alleviate your concerns and give you a quote for the cost of your individualized treatment.  Unfortunately an exact cost for treatment cannot be determined over the phone without first having a consult to see what is inside your mouth and what treatment is right for you.  A great analogy is asking your car repair facility how much it will cost to fix the noise your car is making……unfortunately, your car repair facility needs to hear the noise and look at the car to determine what the problem is, before they can give you a quote for the repair.

Stacey will take the time to work with you and address your concerns.  Contact her to see what Clean Smile Dental Hygiene Studio can do for you!

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